Bampton integrates advantages of ports like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, etc. Combining with the truck connection and express delivery, Bampton takes full advantage of the ports' trade areas to provide to the clients the warehouse service of various choices and flexible operation. In warehouses of each port, we provide free demurrage for 14 to 21 days.

     We have plenty of loading platforms, stevedores and tallymen with rich experience and modern loading and unloading vehicles, this not only shorten the loading and unloading time, but also guarantee the goods' safety.

    We have warehouse management system and networks with full function, so from the goods are delivered into warehouses to out of warehouses, clients can do real time inquiries to ensure that clients can know about the goods condition at any time.

     Our warehouses provide the clients with free insurance service during the whole process. If goods are lost or damaged out of the scope of the supervision of warehouses, we will compensate according to the factory invoices.
    We have professional vehicles in each port's warehouse, professional experience in dispatch and management and reliable and loyal drivers. Our vehicles are under the GPS during the whole process and we have fine container management system.

    Our warehouses provide ancillary services, including goods weighing, goods marking, pack changing, pack reinforcing, distributing and palleting, fumigating, small-scale dispatching, etc. We also offer datas like full-set packing photos, packing distribution and packing documents, etc.

    Our warehouses are specially experienced in goods like furnitures, marbles, bathroom accessories and ceramic products. We have personnels to provide track service and they have rich experience in loading and unloading of single product and mixed loading of several products.

    We has rich experience in loading and unloading of cars and small trucks. We invent vertical loading, this not only save containers' space and save freight charges for clients and also improve the delivery efficiency. We are praised by Liuzhou Wuling Ltd. And Xugong Group.

     We has great experience in Project Cargo/ OOG Cargo Services. Our professional engineers precisely design the tie points of goods and operation project according to the goods' gravity point and floating point.
    Our warehouse provide MID-short time warehouse renting service and provide safe and reliable warehouse service to some certain purchasing clients.