Overseas suppliers carry big goods to bayonet regulation center, customs control large cargo declaration form for cargo inspection.

Bonded warehousing logistics staff to open each box, give each a can of milk powder, each bag diaper...Bar code label

The unique identity of goods finally lay quietly on the bonded warehouse, although I don't know who is the owner of the future..But here is a clean, bright, ventilated, outside the owner should do not have to worry about.

Bonded warehouse logistics staff with the code and the cart came to a three-dimensional shelf, according to the order, the goods have been picked out.Hey, how is milk powder ah, now mom and dad is really not easy.Found no?Are two cans of milk powder two cans of ~ ~!!!!In so doing, the tax will be lower than 50 yuan, according to customs regulation, are exempt.

Bonded warehouse logistics staff fill shatter-proof buffer material first, and then pack the goods packaging, with the order.(gossip: Tmall currently used are cost up to 1 yuan of buffer material, the size of bubbles can't even hold 

According to 5.5% of the rate of inspection, customs supervision system randomly some packages for inspection.Through the X-ray machine, the customs will compare various information, such as the content, the number of inspection and quarantine department will carry out inspection.Below is the beautiful image of diapers.If there is no problem after the inspection, package will be released.

Parcel after clearance, will be through the domestic logistics, shipped across the country, to the owner's arms!Note: there are more than 100 probe, the regulatory section personnel entering and leaving (basic is the customs and logistics staff) to pass through security.BianHou: everything is brand new, everything is in continuous change.Bonded import process, we saw electricity is pilot customs regulation designed with just a few months time, including many we can't see details such as logistics, information flow, need from scratch to cohesion, from there to optimal to improve.