Bampton international logistics,It have completed comprehensive range of freight services,In order to cater for the needs of huge demanding international business markets,Our completed logistics solution can let each client to import or export shipment safely,We are confident that our professional international service can matching with every client's expectation.

Our international Freight Advantages:

  •  Full containers loading under export and import

  •  Consolidation shipment at each shipper factory or at our warehouse

  •  Air freight under export and import

  •  Air&Sea shipment from door to door service

  •  The third country of transhipment

  •  Special Equipment and OOG shipment

  •  Dangerous Goods and Ro-Ro shipment

Our advantages:

  •   We are fast: we reply to inquiries the same day;

  •   We are good team work: we share shipping information at the same time if any news from carriers;

  •   We work during night time: we provide fast information to our overseas partners and clients; 

  •   We give special attention to problems: we listen to problems and we solve then at the earliest time;

  •   We work on special equipment such as flat rack containers and oversized cargo.